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Welcome to Custom Built Log Homes

We can Shell your Home!

(Put you in the dry) including exterior windows, doors and plus interior walls studded.

Use Your Floor Plan or Ours

Congratulations: Just as you are doing now, a growing number of families are investigating the advantages of log homes.  Every day, more people are discovering the inherent advantages of lower cooling and heating costs, low maintenance, lasting durability and a unique rustic look that improves with age, thanks to mother nature.

   Your home may be the largest investment you will ever make, as it now is with most American families. Your interest in log homes shows your concern for value and substance. Individual living style is a consideration for every family.  The rule of thumb is: if it can be built in the conventional house design, then it can be built with logs.  The biggest single advantage in using logs is the log itself is the insulation and the log is also the interior wall as well as the outside wall.  Of course you may elect to use paneling or wallpaper in certain areas.  Interior partition walls are the same as in a conventionally built home.

   A CUSTOM BUILT LOG HOME doesn't mean that splintery, dusty, "old fashioned" look.  We take pride in the smooth finish of our lodge pine timbers. The FLAT INTERIOR of our logs creates a modern, paneled effect. This allows for varied furniture styles to blend comfortable. Also, our FLAT INTERIOR surface allows for pictures to be hung easily and doesn't collect dust as does the round log.  Of course we also provide the traditional and log design in addition to log lap design.

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